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Deathbed Betrayal

Peter Larner

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  • Publisher: Lulu.com
  • Date: 2016 December
  • Language: eng
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  • ISBN: 1326881000
  • ISBN13: 9781326881009


An old friend of the Daly family is murdered in a crowded Romford betting shop and yet there are no witnesses. The police are convinced that this is a vigilante killing of a paedophile and the only way to prove them wrong is for Jack Daly to find out who killed Bernie Woolaston and why. The cold-blooded murder triggers a chain of events that takes Jack back to the east end of London - back to that perilous world where his life could be in danger if the wrong person finds out who he really is. Not everybody is who they seem in this fifth book in the Jack Daly series and, in a bloody and taunt ending, Jack comes face-to-face with his past. Deathbed Confessions is Peter Larner's most popular novel and followers of the Jack Daly series of mysteries have waited eight years for the sequel. If you liked Deathbed Confessions, then you will love Deathbed Betrayal.

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