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Salt & Pepper Man

Charles Puccia

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  • Publisher: Carduna Publications
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  • ISBN: 1734594802
  • ISBN13: 9781734594805


  • Vinnie Briggs went to Sicily for love. He found betrayal and murder.
  • Salt & Pepper Man is an excursion into betrayal and what seems like a lost cause.

A chance meeting of a former high school best friend causes Vinnie Briggs' Sicilian vacation to fall apart even before he checks into his hotel. The friend asks for a 'simple' favor that involves going up against the Mafia.

Vinnie knows getting involved is a bad idea yet he can't refuse. His job is to link the mob's entanglement with the refugee camps and human trafficking. Yet Vinnie has his own problem--an unfaithful spouse with a raging steroid addiction.

The original favor begets complications. The body count grows. And on top of it all, a youthful bodybuilder seduces Vinnie's husband.

Vinnie explores the world of refugee camps ruled by unscrupulous men. Threats, kidnapping, and assassination attempts plague him. Long gone is his hope for sightseeing, sex, and pasta alla Norma.

The investigation requires Vinnie to make local alliances including a gorgeous hunk of a lifeguard, a droll Italian Commissario, two beautiful, strong, and clever women, an African refugee family, and a priest that likes money. Plus a flock of sheep.

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