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XXI Century Selection of the Most Appropriate Aphorisms, Maxims & Quotations / Siglo XXI Seleccion de Los Mas Apropiados Aforismos, Maximas y Sentencias

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  • Publisher: Xulon Press
  • Date: 2012 October
  • Language: eng
  • Pages:
  • Cover: Book
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  • ISBN: 1624190383
  • ISBN13: 9781624190384


This collection of aphorisms and quotations is a labor of love. Much thought has gone into its compilation to provide wisdom and guidance during the many challenges encountered in today's world. It is filled with inspirational and motivational quotations on character, friendship, life, love, government, leadership, and attitude. This edition has a unique selection from several sources ranging from the Bible, classical literature, modern day journalism, novelists, philosophers, important Latin American writers, and proverbs. It is a wonderful reference to which you will be drawn time and again.

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