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XXI Century Selection of the Most Appropriate Aphorisms, Maxims & Quotations / Siglo XXI Seleccion de Los Mas Apropiados Aforismos, Maximas y Sentencias

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  • Publisher: Xulon Press
  • Date: 2012 October
  • Language: spa
  • Pages:
  • Cover: Book
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  • ISBN: 1624190391
  • ISBN13: 9781624190391


This collection of aphorisms and quotations is a labor of love. Much thought has gone into its compilation to provide wisdom and guidance during the many challenges encountered in today s world. It is filled with inspirational and motivational quotations on character, friendship, life, love, government, leadership, and attitude. This edition has a unique selection from several sources ranging from the Bible, classical literature, modern day journalism, novelists, philosophers, important Latin American writers, and proverbs. It is a wonderful reference to which you will be drawn time and again."

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