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The House Opposite

J Jefferson Farjeon

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  • Publisher: Collins Crime Club
  • Date: 2017 February
  • Language: eng
  • Pages:
  • Cover: Book
  • Weight:
  • ISBN: 0008155860
  • ISBN13: 9780008155865


The return of Ben, the prince of tramps with his rich Cockney humour and naïve philosophies - and in trouble as usual.

Strange things are happening in the untenanted houses of Jowle Street. There are unaccountable creakings and weird knockings on the door of No.29, where the homeless ex-sailor Ben has taken up residence. But even stranger things are happening in the House Opposite, from where a beautiful woman in an evening gown brings Ben a mysterious message - and an errand that puts him in more danger than he bargained for.

Once Ben the 'passing tramp' had been immortalised on film by Alfred Hitchcock in No.17, his return in a new novel was guaranteed. The House Opposite tells the story of criminal goings-on from both sides of a London street, and was admired for being delightfully amusing and genuinely uncanny.

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